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Better late than never

When I was six my BFF Brittany (by BFF I mean first - second grade) gave me a Babysitters Club Little Sister book

A few days later, I gave her a glass figurine that I'd stolen from Ross.

Pressure, man. All that pressure.
naomi campbell


You better play this really cool song I'm posting. I'll know if you don't, and I'll send a wolf to your house so it can whoop your ass.

I am drinking a can of Monster Energy (what a low budget beverage don't judge me), watching Bad Girls Club, and not studying for finals.

I'll start at 8. I swear.

Lightspeed Champion is on the album as well. I would post a photo of him but I don't need bad perm haunting my page. There's something about his appearance that I find gross? He reminds me of a sad bear. And that sad bear scalped a vulture and wore its hair as a lacefront wig.
naomi campbell


I don't know if the world is ready for all the Nat King Cole I anticipate playing this holiday season.

I'm shakin' and cryin', practically dyin'. I don't need anything else in terms of Christmas music right now.

Buttah, people. Like buttah.
naomi campbell


Since nobody reply my e-mail and give any suggestions for the penetrations, everyone please take a look with the power point and prepare to speech together.





I'm loling. I also love that the other members of my Accounting course group are equally apathetic.
naomi campbell

wint o green

Grace Jones is. a. killa. LOVE.

I am currently going through a bag of Lifesaver Mints, and EACH MINT is INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED. In plastic. Why? Why? What happens if you just dump all of them, into a bag for sale, unwrapped? Who dies? What happens if your breath is particularly stank and you can't get the wrapper open because you have no fingernails? You don't speak that day? You rely on hand signals? I have so many questions.

There are all these little wrappers around my room because of this.
naomi campbell

Where is my mind

I stole Daniella's loaf of bread.

It was nothing personal, I am just very hungry and three peanut butter sandwiches at 2AM were crucial to my well-being.

EDIT: four sandwiches. What am I doing. it hurts to chew at this point. it does not even taste like anything.

Spending Spring Break in State College is both boring and awesome. Boring, because no one is here, and Awesome, because no one is here.

Anyways. I am watching Family Matters, and it is the episode where Aunt Rachel needs people to work at her restaurant, coincidentally yet appropriately titled Rachel's, because a coworker was caught stealing food. Laura volunteers to help out, and Harriet follows suit. Unfortunately, Rachel does not want Harriet to work at her restaurant, Rachel's, for reasons that will be uncovered later in the episode. I've seen this episode, but I know how people feel about spoilers, and I would not like to ruin anyone's Family Matters viewing experience.

Okay, so it has been revealed that Harriet is very bitchy when she works at restaurants (whatever if you're not already tuned in you're not concerned about this spoiler). You should see what Rachel has on in this scene. There's paisley and silk and possibly some rayon. It's really funny.

Now, Steve is at the Winslow residence playing poker with Carl and his adult friends. This does not look like it will end well.

During commercial, I searched for this Family Matters episode via Google.

Um, I found Family Matters fan fic, and no longer want to continue this journal entry. Argh.

Thanks a lot, ImaginaryCity. Why would you rate your story "K?" That is not even a real rating. Well, at least nothing is rated M.

naomi campbell

Belles Choses

I just spent a good chunk of next week's shopping money on Francoise Hardy CDs. Gah, the power of impulse purchases! Fortunately, she is my girl crush and an amazing artist so I don't mind the loss of money as much as I should.
Youtube is great for two things - Let's Paint TV and vintage Francoise videos: